Featuring Live Score by The Acid


JAN 23 8PM | JAN 24 6PM & 8PM


the bomb is an immersive film, music and art installation that puts viewers in the center of the story of nuclear weapons.

the bomb explores the immense power of nuclear weapons, the perverse appeal they have, and the profound death wish at the very heart of them.

the 61-minute film takes viewers through the strange, compelling, and unsettling reality of nuclear weapons today.

the bomb combines archival footage, animation, music, and text in a massive installation.  It immerses the audience in the cultural and technological realm of nuclear weapons.  It is big, visceral,  non-linear, and seemingly inescapable.


“Scarier than any horror picture released in the past calendar year, the bomb renders a hot-button controversy with terrible beauty and haunting audiovisual novelty.”


“Mesmerizing…stunning…building to a powerful, touching conclusion that magically stopped the audience cold in its tracks”
- The Film Stage


“An abstract wonder and a literal nightmare: a dazzling view into the abyss.”
- New York Observer

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